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Switch in just one day

Your entire store now runs on WinkelAdmin from Schouten ICT. We understand that you are dreading transferring this. No worries. We help you transfer stock within 1 day and include current + historical customer data.

Why switch?

How does it work?


Sign up now 

Contact us to start using our software. During sign-up, indicate that you want to use our switching service.


Preparing for transfer

One of our experts will contact you to discuss and plan the switch. We would like to hear what your wishes are. We can make the transfer on any desired day.


Transfer day

Our team will arrange the switch in 1 day, so that you can continue to run the store with peace of mind. After we have transferred all stock and customer data, we will carefully test whether everything works before you cancel the old system.



During the period after the switch, we will continue to support you to become fully familiar with our new shopping system.

Switch within a day

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