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We help you minimise manual efforts

There's work to be done! Get started with Cirquly and discover the benefits


Store management

  • Manage store inventory your way

  • Easily add new items, including VAT products

  • Easily print and scan labels

  • Manage users and inventory at multiple locations that are linked together

Cash register and payments

  • Automatic payouts and balance management for consignors

  • Every payment method works with Cirquly

  • Free advice about the cheapest option for your store


  • CRM and email programs such as Mailchimp

  • Online shops such as Shopify

  • Social media channels such as Instagram

  • Accounting packages such as Exact and Snelstart

Customer communication

  • Integrated consignor portal, with automatic notifications

  • Communicate with your customers in one place

  • Schedule drop-off or pick-up appointments

  • Email marketing possible through integrations

Insights in store performance

  • See your daily, weekly and monthly turnover at a glance

  • Detailed analyzes on customer, category and brand level can easily be made in the dashboard

Especially for you

  • Holiday mode: no consignor notifications to collect clothing

  • AI-driven uploads reduce manual work

  • 24/7 customer support

Ready to take your store to the next level?

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